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London Senior Games objective is to provide older adults 55+ with an opportunity to:
  • increase social interaction

  • increase physical and mental well-being

  • participate in recreational activities and sports on an on-going basis

  • promote fellowship

  • develop a positive, active image





  • To promote a positive, active image of older adults, 55years plus, through increased participation in biennial sport and recreation activities.

  • To have appropriate recreational and sport  activities so that seniors 55+ can meet new people and have opportunities for fellowship and well-being


                    ALL ABOUT US                  

London Senior Games - LSG - is comprised of a group of volunteers who work hard to promote an active lifestyle for 55+ adults through participation in a wide range of activities in the city of London. They meet once a month throughout the year and plan games that anyone 55 years or older can participate in. LSG represents District 30 London. They belong to the OSGA 55+ - Ontario Senior Games Association - headquartered in Mississauga and are one of 36 districts throughout Ontario.

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The London Senior Games Board was established in 1985. Rhoda Neilsen was chair of the London Senior Games Board for Actifest '90 which was held in London. Jim Martin was the District Co-ordinator. Jim resigned following Actifest '90 and Bruce Greenaway took over as chair with Bill Salter becoming the new co-ordinator. Next chair was Barry Fay with Gord Gallagher as the District Co-ordinator.  Barry Fay continued as the chair and in 2003 Gail Prior took over as the District Co-ordinator. In 2008 Gail Prior was elected chair and John Slavin took over as District Co-ordinator. In 2009 Jack Nichol was elected chair with John Slavin remaining as District Co-ordinator. In 2010 and 2011 John Slavin was elected chair with Doug Anderson as District Co-ordinator. In 2012 and 2013 Mitch Lupa was elected chair and Doug Anderson remained as District Co-ordinator.  Mitch Lupa was elected chair and Mitch Lupa was acting District Coordinator in 2015.  Barry Fay was elected chair and Mitch Lupa was appointed District Coordinator in 2016 to present.

Bill Huddleston, representing Hamilton Road Seniors Centre, was a member in long standing on the board. In the beginning, a representative from most of the Senior Centres in London sat on the board. They brought ideas and concerns from their centres and took information back from our monthly meetings. Barb Vella, from Parks and Recreation, and Kathy Kosatschenko, from Horton Street Senior Centre were key members of the board providing guidance and facilitating the use of community facilities at our games. Today there is a group of volunteers who are on the board and/or act as conveners for the various events that are provided for seniors in London.

There is a wide opportunity for seniors to become involved in London. District Games have been held throughout the city since its beginning. At first, we held all of the sanctioned Actifest events in our games. We have gradually increased these events to include all Actifest events and numerous other events that are of interest to seniors in London and in 2003, we held 23 events in our summer games. Winners can then advance to the Ontario 55+ Summer Games (formerly Actifest) . As well as hosting the Provincial Senior Actifest Games in 1990 and 2008, London has sent representatives to Sudbury, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Ottawa, Kingston, St. Catherines, Hamilton, Oshawa, Brampton, Windsor/Amherstburg, Brampton again, Midland, and Mississauga. The next Ontario 55+ Summer Games will be held in 2020 - dates and location to be determined.


Note: Actifest is now known as Ontario 55+ Summer Games.


The first Ontario 55+ Winter Games (formerly Winterfest were held in Collingwood in 2000. Again London sent a full contingent of competitors to participate in the seven scheduled events. London then staged a very successful Winterfest in 2003. Nine sanctioned events were held along with one demonstration sport. London has sent representatives to Barrie, Brockville, Haliburton, Huntsville, and Haliburton again, and Cobourg.  In 2019 the Ontario 55+ Winter Games will be back in Huntsville.


Note: Winterfest is now known as Ontario 55+ Winter Games.

Regional Games are held in the immediate area involving nine Southwestern Ontario Districts in non OSGA 55+ Summer years (odd years).  London hosted these games in 1993 and  has been involved in the other regional games in Waterloo, Sarnia, Chatham, Kincardine, Oxford-Elgin, St. Marys/Stratford, Chatham-Kent (twice), District 29 - Huron, Perth, Middlesex, London 2015, and Sarnia/Lambton.  Regional Games will be held and hosted by District 27 Grey/Bruce on Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

Each year OSGA 55+ holds an Annual Convention (AGM) to introduce format changes as well as provide information and assistance to the various districts. As well, the districts of Southwestern Ontario have held semi-annual meetings since 1985. In 1990 following a very successful Actifest in London, the Southwest Regional Games concept was introduced due to the impetus of District 29. The first Southwest Regional Games (which were the first Regional Games held in the province) were hosted by District 29 in Grand Bend in 1991. The main purpose of these games was to provide another level of competition for our districts in non Ontario 55+ Summer Games years.  It was not (and still is not) necessary to provide competition in all of the Ontario 55+ Summer Games events in the Regional Games as it is only a one day event. 

The Districts included in the Southwest Region are:



#27 Grey/Bruce 
#29   Huron/Perth/Middlesex
#30   London
#31 Oxford/Elgin
#32   Windsor/Essex
#33 Sarnia/Lambton
#33A  Chatham/Kent


With the start of annual District Winter Games as well as Summer Games we should be able to provide fun, friendly competition for all of London's senior population.

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