Many questions have been asked about your $15.00 Registration Fees……. 


We all know costs are rising everywhere. What we need to look at is the value for our money in these times. 


London Senior Games, District 30, is as an affiliate of the Ontario Senior Games Association headquartered in Mississauga. The London Senior Games collect a $15 registration fee to participate in each of our Summer and Winter District Games. As an affiliate of OSGA 55+ (Ontario Senior Games Association) , the London Senior Games pay $10.00 to OSGA 55+ for each participant in our district games.   If you register in the Summer Games and pay your $15 registration and then register in the same year Winter Games, you do not have to pay the $10 affiliation fee again so your registration fee would be $5 for those Winter Games. However, if you only register in one set of games, the fee remains $15. The additional money collected goes to London Senior Games to be used to help run our local district summer and winter games.


This provides comprehensive liability insurance for all participants in all events. It would be cost prohibitive for each district to purchase its own insurance so without the OSGA 55+ we would not be able to run our games. The OSGA 55+ also organizes provincial events such as Ontario 55+ Summer Games in the summer and the Ontario 55+ Winter Games  in the winter, and separate single events in various Districts throughout the year, which give our seniors an opportunity to meet others in the province with the same interests. Without this funding there would be NO Ontario 55+ Games.  

The additional money collected goes to London Senior Games to be used to help run our  local district summer and winter games, for example:

Booking over 25 facilities to be used for the games

Printing all Registration forms (over 2500 per year)

Running off Newsletters and Schedules (4000 per year)

Purchasing and upkeep of supplies and equipment for each event ( Over 35 events)

Purchasing Awards for Gold, Silver and Bronze winners

As well as other Administration Costs necessary to run a tournament-based operation

That’s a lot of value for your money!