Who is eligible to compete in the London Senior Games :

       1.    As participants must limit their competition to just one District, generally participation will be the District in which the participant resides – District 30 London. The exception to this would be participants who wish to participate in our district due to geographical proximity, event availability or social connections i.e. playing partner living in another district.

Please Note: If our district accepts a player from outside its boundaries the District Co-Ordinator shall inform the player’s home district.

2.      Participants must be 55 (65, 75+) years of age or older by 12:00 midnight December 31st in the year of the event. The exception would be participants who are 55, 65 or 75 or older by midnight December 31st in the year of participation in the Ontario 55+ Winter Games which falls in the next year after our Winter Games. They would still be eligible in our Winter Games.




There has always been a certain amount of concern about who is and who is not eligible to compete in the Ontario Senior Games.

To try and bring some clarity to this issue, we have a link to the “Eligibility Requirements” as they are presented in the OSGA Technical Manual. Simply go to the OSGA website. Click under EVENTS and then GENERAL ELIGIBILITY.





If you still have questions :

   Call  (519) 453-1566        or            E-mail     District 30

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